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Are you thinking of a career in design?

At alagangle design studio we give total power to your bare hands and young minds. We bring all the knowledge and sense of the universe, nature, our immediate and distant surroundings, and context in the form of varied tasks every day. The intent is to provoke your thoughts. To work on your imagination, creativity, and visualization skills/ general awareness/ observation. Fundamentally, we focus on problem-solving capabilities. We want you to have capabilities to rebirth creative and original ideas everyday, motivate yourself, work with enthusiasm, and be amazed at your creations. 

"The problem is not the problem, the problem is our attitude about the problem"
Purchasing a bundle of heavy books might not give you breakthroughs, but following these steps might; The first thing to remember is to be yourself. The second is to live your life. The third is to try to understand what design is and apply it in your life as much as possible. Developing these habits will slowly evolve a design attitude in you. last and the most important is to live your life to the fullest.
“It’s all about having a Sense of Design and Surroundings.” We don't want students to learn anything, mug up books on design, learn special equations, or prepare separately for the entrance exams. This will block our minds from cultivating effective ways of design thinking, the primary reason why studios are so different from coaching classes. 

It’s all about having a sense of Design

Alagangle Batch

Top Design Schools in India

1. National Institute Of Design (NID)

2. Industrial Design Centre,  (IDC)

3. Srishti School Of Art, Design & Technology

4. MIT Institute Of Design (MIT ID)

5. National Institute Of Fashion Technology (NIFT)

6. Department Of Design, (IIT), Guwahati

7. Avantika University, Ujjain

8. Indian School of Design and Innovation

9. Raffles Millennium International

10. Woxsen School Of Arts & Design

11. Strate School of Design

12. Pearl Academy

13. The Gurukul School of Design (GSD)

14. Institute of Design and Media (ITM IDM)

15. Vishwaniketan Institute of Design (VID)

16. Unitedworld Institute Of Design (UID)

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Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

My three years of learning experience at Alag Angle has been an important milestone in building a kind of artistic practice that now defines me. I was able to channel my thoughts and learnt how to express them on paper. It is rightly said, “The best teacher are not those who tell you what to see but show you where to look”

Gives you more freedom



NIFT, Delhi

This place has got its own kind of aura. A perfect aura required for creative minds.

A place where no boundaries restrict you. A place where no time bounds you. The position where I am now is because now, matter how far away I was, the teachers at Alag Angle has always been my support, teachers who had confidence in me much more than what I had in myself.



NICC, Bangalore

I always thought, “when words become unlclear, you shall focus with your creative mind.”

Like many forms of art that require some level of cultural exposure, Alag Angle gave me the chance which has enhanced my qualities. And in today’s world, there is so much to fall in love with. I am thankful to Alag Angle that they gave me a vision to see the world differently.

Live learning session for PG / UG Students

We work with all the known mediums and styles and also uniquely the one everyday surfacing in you. Whether it's painting, sculpting, making, tinkering, everything you can think of, our professional and master mentors are available to guide you through. Having a few students allows us to give one to one mentoring and focused attention to all. The well organized and thoughtful environment encourage peer to peer learning. 

Design Espresso - Unique program to suites your needs

We induce time management skill in you, for you to efficiently present your thoughts in the given time. The result; You become more aware of how long it takes for you to get something done, allowing you to accomplish more in a shorter period and gives you more freedom to do other things you want to do. Hence, understanding your time clock and polishing it with every given task is equally important.

What you built every day at the free, creative and joyful environment of the studio is tremendous confidence in the self, how to; make independent choices, solve everyday problems, make small and big decisions, asking for help, helping others, working in a team, enjoying your own company, doing the right research, tapping onto the right content, implementation of knowledge, social interacting skills, presenting your work with dignity and a lot more. You learn a harmonious way to live as you start seeing and not merely looking, into the self and the world differently.   

 Critically analyze

your work

Alagangle Studio NIFT CEED NID | No.1 Design Entrance Coaching | Highest quality of education, Live Master class by Designers, Learn from Professionals | Learn from basics to advance Graphic Design, Doodling, Perspective, Design Thinking, Product Design.

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