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Makersadda, a studio space, which offers an environment to explore the maker in you. Our studio is facilitated with state of the art equipment and a wide selection of material to shape your own creation. We promise an ambiance that will make you feel energetic at all times. We have a team of experts to guide you through the process of creation. We would like it to be seen as a hangout place for family, friends and also as a hub for experimenters for prototyping their own designs. 

This DIY space is open for people with an interest in arts, science, technology, engineering, robotics, mechanics, innovation, invention and creativity, gather to put all their ideas into action, irrespective of age, educational qualifications or gender.
We welcome you all to join us at our very own Makersadda.   

makers adda
Wooden Truss in Making

Makersadda, a thoughtful extension of an 'Artist Residence', welcomes all the enthusiastic natural builders to join us. Makers space will open an opportunity for people to come - learn and share their joy of making with other like minded people. 

As an inception of a 2500 sq.ft. built up of Makers space, we made the most exciting building; an underground auditorium whose retaining walls are made up of earth, excavated from the site and the roof constructed with pine wood. The hall has a natural hot and cold air flow cycle - openings and mechanism, along with naturally harvested solar light for day and night. 


We are currently working on our new metal workshop space SlimHause and interiors and in need of active and passionate makers to volunteer and become part of the building's making journey. 

Are you still thinking? common! travel and get down here to build with us.

Lets come together and built a space of joy and love to benefit many. 

SlimHause 11_9_19.jpg
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