+ Studio:  Mission Statement 


Alagangle Studio is an art academy specialising in art portfolio preparation. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of education to students from all over India seeking to further pursue careers in creative fields at NID, SRISHTI, NIFT, MIT, IIT (UCEED), PEARL, VID, ITM, UID, ISDI, AVANTIKA, NICC & Post Graduation in IIT (CEED), NID, MIT, etc. and abroad.


All of our instructors are professional Artists. We believe that our instructor's unique backgrounds will not only help create a rigorous learning experience for the students, but also make the transitional adjustments from secondary school to post secondary education level a comfortable one.


Please note:  We are very selective when accepting students to our Studio. We only accept students who are fully committed and dedicated to their desired studies. Therefore, an interview is conducted prior to their enrolment. In addition, we only teach in small groups so that the students' design curriculum can be individually tailored to suit their needs. 

+ What we will be teaching to our students? 


1. To nurture and encourage an appreciation of the subtleties of different disciplines of design like graphic, product, fashion, interior, automobile, game design, etc. and artistic thought and imagination.

2. To develop creative thinking regarding the BASIC practical and technical requirements of all creative disciplines such as hand sketching, life drawings and other conventional mediums.

3. To develop an understanding of the BASIC spectrum of all creative disciplines' representation through imaginative or innovative means by using  the most current advanced tools like graphic softwares (Adobe Suite), 3D programs (Sketchup), photography tools, wood working machinery, laser cutters and physical model making. 

4.Most importantly, TO HAVE FUN!



Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology

My three years of learning experience at Alag Angle has been an important milestone in building a kind of artistic practice that now defines me. I was able to channel my thoughts and learnt how to express them on paper. It is rightly said, “The best teacher are not those who tell you what to see but show you where to look”


NIFT, Delhi

This place has got its own kind of aura. A perfect aura required for creative minds.

A place where no boundaries restrict you.

A place where no time bounds you.

The position where I am now, is because now, matter how far away I was, the teachers at Alag Angle has always been my support, teachers who had confidence in me much more than what I had in myself.


NICC, Bangalore

I always thought, “when words become unlclear, you shall focus with your creative mind.”

Like many forms of art that require some level of cultural exposure, Alag Angle gave me the chance which has enhanced my qualities. And in today’s world, there is so much to fall in love with. I am thankful to Alag Angle that they gave me a vision to see the world differently.

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